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The Menus will be coming to Greenville Ohio for a live show at SSTH!  More details to come.  Tickets will be $12 per person.  Come early for some great food and stay late for our 46 tap beer wall.  This evening will for sure be a great time!

Some event details surrounding The Menus event are below:

-Sure Shot is a self pour tap house featuring 46 taps of your favorite domestic and craft beers, ciders, wines, seltzers, and cocktails. Patrons must open a tab via a credit card upon arrival to receive a pour card. Please have your credit card out and ready.

-There will also be a cash bar open in the back of the building. There is an additional set of bathrooms located in this area as well.

-All tables and chairs will be removed from the patio and dining area where the stage is located. All the tables in the other two areas will be available and speakers will be in these areas to hear the music as well.

-Sure Shot will be staffed to handle all food needs before, during, or after the event. Please check out or website for our food menu. All food and non alcoholic drinks will need ordered at the merchandise room which is there you check in upon arrival.

Sure Shot will be open to the public as normal until 6PM. At this time tickets will be checked and the facility will be cleared. Patrons with tickets will be permitted to stay.

Order tickets here!  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-menus-live-at-ssth-tickets-200462969137